The Real Estate Practice is the Foundation of the Law Firm,

which continues to grow to include residential and commercial transactions, representing lenders, buyers and sellers.  


The firm also conducts continuing education seminars for clients. We have been published on a variety of real estate matters. We have also handled a variety of mortgage foreclosures. The office is approved as examining counsel for a number of major title insurance companies in New York.

We are a full-service law firm. From start to finish we will answer all of your questions and concerns about title insurance, title issues, contract issues and help you every step of the way until you close. We handle residential and commercial closings.  

In recent time many closings have occurred without the assistance of council or all too often people were not properly being advised.

You will receive the quality customer care, security and experience of a law firm for a fair cost. Whether you are purchasing a new home or refinancing your existing home, Let Us Handle All Your Closing Needs. We are a full-service law firm with title, escrow and settlement experience.

What does this mean?

We will explain the title and closing process, we hold any escrows required for purchases or refinances, explain all costs and fees, work with your lender or help you find alternative financing and provide you with a fast and seamless closing. Your home is probably going to be your biggest asset or investment, therefore it must be protected.  Title insurance protects against: any hidden title defects, forged documents, errors in title, misrepresentation and clouds on title.  

Even though great efforts are practiced to insure that the title to your property is clear, sometimes documents were not filed properly or circumstances like the ones listed above can and sometimes will try to take away what you worked so hard for.  This is where you need the protection of Title Insurance.

Below is a brief outline of the closing process

Step One

It is important that during the approval period that a buyer or seller review the contract with their attorney.  

Once the contract has been reviewed, the seller should, obtain their abstract, survey, tax documents and mortgage statements. 

The buyer should work with their lender to obtain a mortgage commitment, and have a home and radon inspection completed on the subject house.

Step Two

For the seller, their attorney will begin the process of updating the abstract, survey and complete a tax search.

For the buyer obtain the commitment letter, provide it to their attorney and the buyer's counsel will send it to the seller's counsel.

Step Three

Once the mortgage commitment is received from the lender this will be sent by the buyer to the seller, at this time the title work is then exchanged from the seller's attorney to the buyer's attorney.

Step Four

The abstract, survey and tax documents are reviewed by the buyer's attorney and then provided to the title company to obtain title insurance.

Step Five

The bank will issue the clear to close and title will have to be approved by the bank's counsel and then a closing date will be set, shortly thereafter by the bank attorney. 
The buyer should set a time for their walk thru with their agents and have all utilities put in their name.

Title Insurance rules are highly regulated. Therefore, your selection of who to handle your closing will usually be based on the reputation of the organization handling the matter as opposed to price, but we will work with you to make the transaction a success.

While I am currently active in closings for a variety of lenders, buyers, and sellers of commercial and residential real estate, I also work as examining counsel and title agent for various title insurance companies. Allowing me to represent my clients thoroughly and competently.

Bar Membership
-New York Bar, 2003
-Florida Bar, 2000

Real Estate Work
-Certified Real Estate Instructor
-Member of Onondaga County Bar Association Real Estate Committee
-Member of Florida Bar Association Real Property, Probate, & Trust Law Section